Panel Session Three

The third session of the Long-Term Fiscal External Panel was held at Rutherford House, Victoria University of Wellington, on Thursday 25 October.

The topic for this panel session was Retirement Income and Tax Policy Analysis and Choices.

This was the first of two sessions looking into individual policy areas. Within each area, the long-term fiscal issues and pressures were discussed, as well as key policy choices available to address them. This session discussed the areas of taxation, retirement income, working-age welfare and education. Policy choices were analysed in the context of the frameworks considered in the first two sessions, including their implications for Long-Term Fiscal sustainability, economic performance and efficiency, economic resilience, intra- and inter-generational distribution and other considerations, such as environmental and social considerations.

A. Session 3 Agenda

B. Session 3 Summary

C. Session 3 Papers:

1. The Treasury, “The Future Costs of Retirement Income Policy, and Ways of Addressing Them” – Draft Paper for the Long Term Fiscal External Panel
2. The Treasury, “The Role of Tax in Maintaining a Sustainable Fiscal Position” – Draft Paper for the Long Term Fiscal External Panel
3. The Treasury, “Working Age (Non-NZS) Welfare” – Draft Paper for the Long Term Fiscal External Panel
4. Roger Hurnard, “The Assessment of Retirement Income System Options”
5. Prof Ross Guest, “Intergenerational Smoothing of the Fiscal Costs of Population Ageing in New Zealand”


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