Panel Session 5

The fifth meeting of the Long-Term Fiscal Panel was held at Rutherford House, Victoria University of Wellington, on Monday 11 March 2013.

The main purpose of this session was to have the Panel review the first draft of Affording Our Future – the central document of the Treasury’s Long-Term Fiscal Statement. The Treasury wished to test with the Panel whether they are highlighting the right messages and whether the document serves its primary purpose: to be an effective public communication tool.

The session also considered a draft paper from Victoria University Professors Norman Gemmell and John Creedy. The Gemmell-Creedy paper asks whether automatic tax increases can help finance pressures associated with an ageing population.

A. Session 5 Agenda
B. Session 5 Press Release
C. Session 5 Paper:
John Creedy and Norman Gemmell, “Can Automatic Tax Increases Pay for the Public Spending Effects of Population Ageing in New Zealand?”

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