The New Zealand Public Finance website aims to cover research, provide useful data, publicise events and produce web tools – the first being the Long-Term Fiscal Calculator. The aspects of the site currently being developed include:

1.   A ‘Data Hub’ – bringing together useful data on taxation, public expenditure, social welare and fiscal policy in New Zealand.

2.   A ‘Literature Archive’- a guide to the academic and related literatures on public finance topics.

3.   A ‘Links’ page – providing useful links to the websites of other public finance-related organizations and topics.

The NZ Public Finance website welcomes contributions from others to the Data Hub, Events and Literature Archive web pages. It will not serve to promote, or otherwise assist, those wishing to disseminate their particular preference or political views on public finance matters, nor will it provide a platform for lobbying of governments, officials or other policy makers and advisors.


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