Additional working papers produced by the Chair in Public Finance or NZPF Research Associates, which were published in the Working Papers in Public Finance series, established 2012.

Creedy, J. and Gemmell, N.,  (2011), ‘Tax Rates and Revenue Changes: Behavioural and Structural Factors’, New Zealand Treasury Working Paper No. 05/11.

Gemmell, N., Kneller, R. and Misch, F. (2011), ‘Fiscal Policy and Growth with Complementarities and Constraints on Government’, Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) Discussion Paper No. 11-018. Mannheim: ZEW.

Gemmell, N., Kneller, R. and Sanz, I. (2011), ‘The Growth Effects of Corporate and Personal Income Taxes in the OECD. Globalisation and Development Centre, Bond University, Australia, Working Paper No. 49.

Gemmell, N., Kneller, R. and Sanz, I. (2011), ‘The Composition of Public Expenditure and Economic Growth’. Unpublished manuscript.

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