The New Zealand Public Finance Newsletters are produced by the Chair in Public Finance and Victoria University of Wellington. The newsletters showcase current research, events and topical public finance news locally and around the world. If you would like to make a contribution to the next newsletter, email the editor.

Issue 1, November 2013

The first issue of the New Zealand Public Finance Newsletter has short articles from Athene Laws on “Distributional Impacts of Government Tax and Social Spending” and Neil Cribbens on “Treasury’s Third Statement on NZ’s Long-Term Fiscal Position”, and a feature on the ‘long-term fiscal calculator’ web-tool.


Issue 2, February 2014

The second issue covers Alison O’Connell’s article on “Longevity trends and their Implications for the age of eligibility for New Zealand Superannuation. It also features John Creedy’s article on “Benefit flows in New Zealand”. John’s article helps address such questions as: “How quickly might be a change in the inflow to, or exit rates from, a particular benefit category, arising from a policy change, affect the stocks of benefit recipients?”.


Issue 3, July 2014

The third issue of the New Zealand Public Finance Newsletter is packed full of conference, visit and event reports, a brief look at Mark Skidmore’s research on Housing Affordability, and one from the Productivity Commission relating to prices of consumer goods in NZ. There is a feature on Closing the ‘fiscal gap’ which explores the choices of NZPF web visitors and selections with the long-term fiscal calculator.


Issue 4, October 2014

In this issue, you will find a research report on indicators of inequality for Pacific and Māori people and an introduction to the Australian Tax and Transfer Policy Institute alongside the regular reports from several conferences and abstracts from a number of recent working papers.


Issue 5, January 2015

This issue of the New Zealand Public Finance Newsletter will bring you up to date with news related to public finance in New Zealand and around the globe; detail some of the various events happening internationally in 2015; provide an overview of the most recent Working Papers in Public Finance; and offer a sneak peek into our final event of 2014: The Great Festive Debate! This issue, we also have a research report from two senior analysts at the New Zealand Treasury on the effects of fiscal policy in New Zealand.


Issue 6, April 2015

In this issue we have a feature on the ‘return to surplus’ and whether it really matters, as well as a research report exploring the effects of Working for Families policy implementation of labour


Issue 7, July 2015

Presenting the NZPF’s seventh issue of a regular series of newsletters. This issue includes a report on the economic effect of the most recent NZ Budget, a review of the 2015 Public Finance Debate series and a brief survey of the new capital gains tax. This issue also begins our profile series, public finance people, introducing Dr Grant Scobie.


Issue 8, October 2015

The spring 2015 issue of the NZPF newsletter includes a profile of Lilla Csorgo, Chief Economist at the Commerce Commission, a report from the New Zealand Productivity Commission on their latest inquiry into effective public services and a feature on the latest study on imputation from EY.