Under Development

Good public finance data is vital for research and policy analysis in New Zealand. It provides the ‘facts’ that allow better informed policy choices to be made, the background against which policy debates can flourish, and the inputs for empirical research on public finance topics.

This page is currently under development, but will provide data on key public finance variables in New Zealand such as personal and corporate tax rates, social welfare settings, public expenditures and fiscal deficits. It will also present both historical time-series data and comparative international data for New Zealand – allowing comparisons with other OECD countries, for example.

Some data currently available include:

1.         Marginal personal income tax rates and personal income distribution data for New Zealand, 1907-2009.
From: Bandyopadhyay, D. et al (2012) ‘Average Marginal Income Tax Rates in New Zealand, 1907-2009’. Working Papers in Public Finance, WP01/2102. Victoria University of Wellington.

2.         Tax Revenue and Public Expenditure in OECD
From: Gemmell, N., Kneller, R. and Sanz, I. (2011), ‘The timing and persistence of fiscal policy impacts on growth: Evidence from OECD countries, Economic Journal, 121, February, F33–F58.
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